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Beamz B2500 Dubbele Bellenblaasmachine

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Beamz B2500 Dubbele Bellenblaasmachine
€ 20,00

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Beamz B2500 Dubbele Bellenblaasmachine huren Bubble Machine
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Product Description:
This powerful bubble machine has double wheels and dual blower fans, meaning large quantities of bubbly fun for a number of different parties and events.

Unleash hundreds of bubbles upon kids parties, weddings and marquee events for a fun-filled effect for everybody to enjoy!

The B2500 can even be used for additional effects equipment for mobile DJs and discos, so why not get your hands on this diverse, portable machine at this fantastic price. When setting up your party bubble machine, assure that the surroundings are suitable, be sure to take caution due to wet surfaces.


  • Large double bubble wheels
  • Powerful double blower fans
  • Works with C2-IEC wireless remote
  • Handgrip
  • Great for weddings and kids' parties
  • Suitable for use outdoors but ensure cover

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